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M M's Story

  • Dr. Matt Walker is the BEST orthopedic surgery I have visited since Dr Donald Davidson. Dr. Walker has the best humor and bedside manor.

    If the repair is to fix you is surgery, then he will not beat around the bush like many other doctors that are scared of insurance companies.

    A funny side note but this goes a long way to his character. I am no fan of anesthesia. When possible I always remain awake in surgery. this usually will piss off many doctors. (I've had a few too many surgeries from motorcycle accidents, imagine that!) But Dr. Walker had no problem with me staying awake. We had the best time during the surgery as all the nurses were laughing and they even played hard rock and roll. What a blast.

    You might be curious as to the outcome of the surgery for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and Carpal Tunnel. Excellent recovery and back to bodybuilding in less than a month.

    I have now sent three colleagues/friends to see Dr. Walker and they all have been very impressed.

    If you have a shoulder or arm issue, do yourself a favor schedule with Dr. Walker!